Tuesday, April 1, 2008

what to do?

so, i was browsing craigslist tonight and clicked on the food/bev/hospitality jobs and lo and behold one of the best restaurants in the city is looking for a full time server. i've often thought about working there and daydreamed about how much better it would be than my current job. but i figured no one ever quit there because it was so awesome. duh, that's not the way restaurants work, but i had idealized it to the point that it was unattainable. so now i'm faced with the opportunity and i don't know what to do. my job is pretty good, i'm the highest paid employee there because i function as an assistant manager and bartender. i am trusted with locking up and being the last one out and i've essentially risen as high as i can go there. my place is pretty assured, though there have been whispers that the owners are trying to sell it in which case i'd probably have to find a new job. i only want to work there until fall when i plan to leave here anyway, so i don't really care that the job won't go on forever, i have just been hoping it lasts until i'm ready to go. also, i don't like my boss, and several employees have left/been fired since he started. am i immune to that treatment? i don't know. i've learned to deal with him, but the future is always uncertain. so, do i apply for this new job, or hang on to what i have? the money's good, but i bet it would be better at the new job. maybe. how do i know? they are full most every night, and it's tough to get a reservation with less than a weeks notice. my current job certainly isn't that popular.
i think i have to try for it and see what happens. if i don't, i'll kick myself.

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Anonymous said...

You should apply for the new job. That's the whole point of being a van dweller isn't it? It affords us opportunities that fixed-living dwellers don't have because of rent/mortgage obligations.

Besides that, it seems that you are very skilled in the service/hospitality industry. If it doesn't work out, you can bartend anywhere and make good money.