Thursday, April 17, 2008

food update #5

i have 103.70 left in my food budget. this week i spent 22 dollars on groceries, 7 at the coffee shop, and 8 on a frozen coffee drink and a sandwich when it was 80 degrees. i think i spent a few more bucks somewhere else, but i can't remember. at any rate, it's going well and i'm pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been. the biggest struggle was breaking the habit of just doling out cash anytime i wanted something. proof that my own mind is my biggest obstacle.
cooking in the new van is alot easier and more fun. today i made eggs with shitake mushrooms, green onions and cheese with multi-grain toast and a strong mug of earl grey tea. i put on some country music and sang my heart out while going about my domestic duties. something about lucinda williams makes the day to day more beautiful.
i'm already thinking of what my month of may challenge will be--i'm thinking it will be a physical goal rather than financial. it could have to do with my running shoes, they're a little too clean.


Anonymous said...

hi I am Callie and I post on Hobo Stripper to Tara sometimes and thats how I read your blog.
Its a good one, a nice find.
Sorry the credit card assholes messed with you. I hate those people too.
And running might help with the bad dreams and the blues.
All the best.

stranger in a strange van said...

thanks callie, i am glad you're here!