Monday, April 28, 2008

internet woes

it's been so frustrating trying to figure out what's wrong with my wireless connection thingy. for some reason, i can't connect anymore at the laundromat or any other open wireless network. i'm at the library now and for some reason, it let me log on, but i had to go through the library page. i don't know what the heck, but j will be here soon (in a few hours, yay!) and he's enough of a geek that he'll surely know what to do. i did finally get the battery for the laptop and it's working great.
today i spent all day in the van at my spot. i cleaned and listened to music and napped and was generally depressed, but not totally unproductive. the high school kids were skipping class in the alley and talking about their swords and ninja skills. seriously. i cooked an egg, made some jade pouchong tea and tried to make my little parking spot look like i care about it. trying to figure out the point of my existence is making me crazy, so i've got to stop. i'll just do what i do every day and one thing will lead to another.
saw a film last night called "where in the world is osama bin laden" at the indie theater and it was worth seeing. what i got from it was that most arab people are just like us, with senses of humor and all, but the hasidic jews and the radical muslims are just like the radical fundamental christians, they don't want to talk to anyone on camera, they are very mistrusting and don't let their kids have minds of their own. affirmed my belief that anyone that's TOO into religion is just a control freak who refuses to accept that there are other ways to live. my way or the highway types. ick. now i'm way off topic, but that's where i am i guess.

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Anonymous said...

Doing what your doing isn't going to make it sort itself out. You might forget the problem of your own existence, but when you remember it still won't be sorted...until you sort it. Don't get lost in the everydayness of your life. Indecision is still a decision.