Wednesday, April 9, 2008

food update #3 and more

i'm pretty much settled in the new van now, and kitty likes it too! last night was the first night i slept in there, and aside from a minor bed situation, it was very comfy. it has a little fridge that works when plugged into shore power, and my cooler fits right inside it, perfect! i will need to get the sink fixed, but that's the only major repair, all other systems are go. it feels so much bigger than my old van, and the headroom is amazing. i could have dealt with living in the old cargo van, but this van makes living a breeze, so i think i'll be inclined to vandwell a little longer than i had originally thought. i've got to get the old van on the market this week, asking price $1900 which is about what i have in it. should be able to get at least what i paid for the new van, so it's an even trade, fun!
ok, so food update--there's 145.87 left in the food budget envelope. I've spent 25 on groceries, a buck on water, and 20 on the breakfast queen and a peanut butter cup from the chocolatier. that's all after the 8.56 i spent at the coffee shop. let's see--22 days left, 146 dollars--i'm right on track with about 6.50 a day to spend! i won't spend any today and probably not for the rest of the week because i have enough breakfast food and i'm working every night. i might be able to go to (gasp) devil's food for breakfast this week! yummmm.
still no word about the other job, and i can't tell if i really want it or if i'd be just as well off to stay in my current situation. at least i won't feel bad leaving my current job when the time comes.


Tara said...

New van pics?

John said...

good for you sweetie. i just gotta let you know, since i found your blog a few weeks ago, i look forward to reading it each morning when i get to work. your very inspiring. i have lived in my sentra for a few months ( not by choice, more due to lack thereof, lol ) and have more and more recently been strongly considering doing what you do. i spend a total of 7 hours at home each day and the majority of that time is spent sleeping. why the hell should i pay 1600 a month to sleep?!? so you might have some company down here in so cal roaming the streets in the near future.

stranger in a strange van said...

pics coming soon.. as soon as E lets me borrow his camera. john, you should get a van if you can afford it, you'd be waaaay more comfortable! you could do like i did and set your budget for a van based on what you can get for your car and just trade up. vans are cheap cause most people don't want them.

who is john gault? said...

yeah whether i become a fulltime van-dweller or not depends on a few factors right now. just more and more everyday i have been feeling the urge to say f*** it and just do it. i have only told a few people of my plan and my cousin said he could hook the van up now that he has his own welding machine!!!!

the few months i was in my car wasnt all THAT bad. i loved waking up in a different spot each morning. cops and security guards WERE a problem but in a van i probably wouldnt have to worry as much :)

i dunno if its something i would wanna do forever, maybe a few years but at the pace im going now, im gonna end up crazy or dead, i most def need a break, to see places, meet people, do THINGS!

you really are an inspiration.....