Thursday, April 3, 2008

food update

it's april 3rd and until a few moments ago, i hadn't spent any money on food this month. i had just been eating stuff i already had and at work of course. today i decided to go to the coffee shop and have a breakfast bagel and tea. the tally with tip was $8.35. i think he overcharged me for the tea because the bagel was only 3 bucks, but i didn't say anything. i mean, i just took a bath in their restroom, so whatever. i have faith that i will be able to do this thing. it's not so hard to eat free food when it's available and be frugal the rest of the time. i'm most worried about days that i don't work, then the real temptation rolls in with fine dining options at every turn. but, hey--it's not forever, i won't eat this way for the rest of my life, it's just to help me get out of a little mess i created.
i put in my resume at the new restaurant, after much hassle at kinkos due to my unorthodox word processing program 'abiword' which is incompatible with everything, and now i wait to see if they call. dooddoddooo.... oh, and i kinda made an ass of myself there when i dropped it off. i was so eager and excited that i think i sounded kind of creepy. i told them i had wanted to work there for a long time and that i was so happy when i saw their posting on craigslist. their faces showed reservation, though they were completely polite. i wonder if my resume ended up in the trash. oh well, it's out of my hands now and if it ain't meant to be, then it won't.


Wandering Prometheus said...

Abiword should be able to save in all kinds of formats, including MS Word format if you need it to. It should be in File->Save As and select Microsoft Word as the file format to save as. Or better yet, saving as Rich Text Format (.rtf) should make it even easier to open in another word processing program such as MS Word. On that note, I'm just curious but do you use Linux? The only other abiword users I've met were all Linux users.

Anyway, I'm a regular reader and fan of your blog (just a silent one until now). Nice to meet you. :-)

stranger in a strange van said...

hmm. i guess i didn't know you could save things differently on that program. i do have linux on my computer, though i also have windows. i'll give it one more try, thanks for the tip!