Monday, April 7, 2008

new van!

when it's love, nothing stands in it's way. i'm buying the new van today! right now i'm doing a load of laundry and waiting for E to get off work so we can go out and pick it up. i couldn't stop thinking about the van since i went to see it saturday, and this morning i woke up with an intense urge to call Ed and offer him a little more for the van. he took my new offer of 1400 with no hesitation, so maybe if i'd waited he would have called and taken my 1200, but it's not a big deal. and now i can spend all day getting my new van ready to move into, i'm so excited! my new blue van was born the year before i was, has an awesome turtle top with sliding windows, a real closet with a mirror, bunk beds and a full size bed up top, swivel captains chairs, and a functional 8-track player complete with a box of 8-tracks! so if any of you readers out there have some awesome 8-tracks that aren't being enjoyed, i'd love to give them a new life in my new ride.
i don't know why this van makes me so happy, maybe it's destiny, maybe i'm just out of my mind, but it feels like exactly the right thing to do, so i'm going to follow my gut on this one.
oh, and the job interview went VERY well. i think they really liked me and i have a great shot at the job. i won't know until later in the week, but i was one of only 6 people they were interviewing, so i already made it through the first cut.
yay! it's a beautiful day, even though it's dumping snow and rain and muck, my internal climate is paradise.


Anonymous said...

This entry makes me so happy! Congrats on following your heart and your dreams.

Kate said...

Hi there, found your link on hobostripper -

Your joie de vivre and sense of adventure are inspiring. Hell, you rock, lady! Looking forward to reading more, and I love your new van.

Anonymous said...

Your goal was to get out of debt. Over a month in, you decide to make another major purchase. This purchase is said to have made you "so happy" because you "love" the new van. This is what you might call relapse. Good luck conquering that debt without a financial attitude adjustment.

Anonymous said...

previous anonymous... I don't know that this was a bad investment though... Seriously, to be able to stand up goes A LONG way for one's sanity and comfort levels. To decide to live in a van is a big decision, and to want to at least have some standing space is not too much to ask. Besides, it was only $1400, and she can sell the old van to recoup some of that cash.

jacqueline said...

sister, you rock solidly! i am so impressed by everything you've posted in this blog and so inspired... heck, i've been reading non-stop since coming to you from tara's site. can't get enough and so sad i only had three months of catching up to do! looking forward to many more of your awesome posts and insights and everything. thanks for sharing this journey; it's totally awesome.
take it in, live it up.