Tuesday, April 29, 2008

determination may

about every two months i need a new adventure. call it my brand of attention deficit disorder, i just need some sort of stimulation of the unexplored variety or i get antsy. so within my larger goal of being debt-free, i am going to keep myself occupied with the adventure of physical and mental discipline. for the month of may, i am determined to go to yoga three times a week, and run three times a week. when i get depressed, i've learned that the best thing i can do is take away my free time and focus on a nearly impossible goal. you say "but that goal isn't nearly impossible!", and i say you don't know me very well. the reason i know i need exercise is because i avoid it as much as possible. now, i like the benefits of exercise, i love to be able to hike up hills without getting winded, i like to be able to ride my bike for miles without feeling like death is approaching. and most of all, i like the way my body feels and looks when i'm in shape. i feel young and energetic and full of promise and potential. so that's my goal for may. come rain or shine, heat or chill, i will fulfill may's pledge. this means getting out of bed earlier, going to bed earlier, and just generally not accepting my excuses for inaction. one of the servers at my work wants to run with me, so i will most likely go to her house and get her out of bed for a run, then i can shower at her house and be on with my day. having a running buddy is a giant motivation for me as well. i have a much harder time letting someone else down than letting myself down.
seeing the movie "where in the world is osama bin laden?" was a wake up call to my soft american ass. i live in a land of privilege, i've got all the food water and shelter anyone could need and i make more money in a day than many people do in a month or more in other parts of the world. so i can surely get over my funky mood and just get on with life.

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nicolas said...

I'm working for french documentary film production. we're planning a project about american nomads and was wondering what woul be your whereabouts in june and july ?
You can mail me at nvidalenc@gedeonprogrammes.com