Saturday, April 12, 2008


i think something is wrong with me, i'm tired all the time and yesterday i woke up depressed and couldn't shake it. E thinks maybe i'm not eating right, but i don't think that's it. i feel like heavy weights hang from my legs and my eyes just want to close whenever they can. it's hard to get anything done in this state! the only thing i can get the energy up to do is work, and that's because i have to. if i don't HAVE to do something, i'd rather not. i feel lazy and i hate that feeling. it disgusts me. if sarah was here, she'd help me figure it out, put me on some herbs and i'd be good, but i don't have that support now. i'm wallowing in my own stagnation.
maybe it's pms. i hope so.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you have the winter blahs. I read your post and you stated you just got hit with some snow, the calendar says Spring but still seems like Winter up there.

Check your tyroid maybe you're hypothyroid or check for autoimmune conditions.

check for symptoms such as: Hair loss, joint/muscle pain, rash and depression. If you don't have any symptoms, then it's probably nothing; we all get depressed and tired now and then.

Last but not least, make sure you're getting enough fiber in your diet. Take the 10 day challenge. It's on the cereal box. :D

Anonymous said...

Could be mental fatigue brought on by recent changes in your life. Change, even when positive causes stress. That coupled with your job search and other things happening could be taxing. A possible stress reliever is exercise... Just a daily 30 minute walk that gets the blood pumping can make a big difference in how we feel.

stranger in a strange van said...

thank you anonymous friends. very good ideas all, i think it's a combination of what you've said--winter blahs for sure, thyroid possible (my mom has this condition), fiber in my diet is needed since i'm eating so much free pasta at work, and the 30 minute walk sounds right, i've been cooped up too much lately.