Saturday, April 26, 2008

ahh. life

time marches on and april is almost gone. it's been a tough month for me emotionally, i've really been missing my family, both blood and chosen. the urge to split has been strong, but i'm sticking to my guns. the coming weeks are full of promise--this weekend i'm flying to oregon to meet a bunch of my girlfriends for sarah's bachelorette party at the hot springs, following that my 'other' boyfriend, J, is coming to see me, then my parents are coming out to see me around my birthday! i'm very excited for them to be here, they need to get away as much as i need them here. they're the most responsible people i know, they take care of their parents, their properties, and their businesses, but they are not known to relax and take care of themselves. they are getting a little better with age, but i still see room for improvement.
the van has been running like a champ, and the reflectix curtains are amazing at keeping it cool inside. i still haven't gotten them all up, but in my cacoon bed up top, they are working like magic. e bought me a bunch of 8-tracks off ebay and it's been a fun restrospective journey into the 70's and 80's. i think my player needs to be adjusted or something though because there's "bleed through" when i'm listening to one song, another is playing like a ghost in the background. anyone know how to fix this?
tonight is prom night and we've got lots of teenagers coming in to spend daddy's money at the restaurant. won't be much in the way of cash, but should be entertaining!

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Anonymous said...

I remember long ago when that type of thing would happen with an 8-track, a matchbook or folded up piece of paper could be wedged in on the underside of the tape once it was inserted... that used to work. Good Luck!