Sunday, March 30, 2008

van pics! finally! #3

here's the electrical system input, just a hole in the side of the van where i stick the extention cord into. the cover is an outdoor outlet cover that snaps closed and keeps rain/snow out.

view with the back doors open. i still have plenty of free space under the bed. tools go in the toolbox and in the back door cubbies. reflectix velcroed to the back windows helps keep it temperate inside.
here's the cord that i plug power into to run my appliances. the hole to the outside is that grey circle (cover outside is closed).


Anonymous said...

The whole setup looks more accommodating than I thought it would - and more comfortable than I imagined when reading about how you were doing things.

Your blog is fascinating and I can't wait to read more in the days and weeks to come. Keep it coming girl!

Anonymous said...

1. Do you feel safe with that huge propane tank in your van.

2. How comfortable is that lugable loo toilet seat? I was thinking about getting one but it looks uncomfortable.

3. If you couldn't plug up for electricity, how would you keep warm?

4. How well do the down comforters keep you warm?

Thanks in advance.

stranger in a strange van said...

1. yes, i feel safe, even though i know it's a risk. mostly the risk is of leaking which is pretty minimal due to the new valves on the tanks. the real risk is an explosion if i wreck the van and i guess i'm out of luck then.
2. the luggable loo is not the pinnacle of comfort, it's pretty small, but it works for my purposes which is only occasional use. if i were larger than i am, it might be too small (5'2" and 130 pounds)
3.i have a catalytic heater (coleman procat) that runs on propane, i'd use that if it was really cold, otherwise probably just heat up some water on the propane stove and fill the hot water bottle.
4. the down comforters are VERY warm. most nights i don't really need the heater, i only use it for when i'm puttering around before i go to bed. i have 2 comforters and i think if i had one more, i would never need heat. or if i used my sleeping bag between them it would be warm enough for any temp.
hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

yep that helps a lot thanks much! :)
I read your blog every day. In preparation for my own VD days!