Wednesday, April 23, 2008

late nite

i'm posting from the laudromat, and it's closed. so they leave the wifi on which is great, but they turn the lights off (well most of them) and that's a little spooky. the tv's went off too which is fine by me. i don't know if a real person will show up to lock the door or not, but my laundry is still in the washer, so i hope they'll let me finish. i have a massage appointment in the morning and when i went to get my sheets and table from e's house, i realized the sheets needed a wash because they've been locked up in a plastic tub and smell a little like rancid oil ewwww.
i'm reading the book that tara gave me called "bold spirit" about a woman and her daughter who walked across the country in 1896. it's one of those history dense books that would be boring, but the story is so incredible i'm racing through it. compared to that feat done at that time, nothing i do is difficult, and if people think i'm odd in this day and age, what kind of looks must they have gotten? i like that perspective. no coincidence the book came from a very inspiring individual. tara is beautiful, earthy, and says things in the most meaningful way, though i don't think she intends to. i mean, i was actually considering going to wyoming to learn how to strip just to hang out with her some more! well, and to make 10,000 bucks. don't worry mom, i think i'll stay behind the bar for now, and maybe the next time i see her it will be in her native land.


Anonymous said...

i agree with you about tara.

also, it was great meeting you!

stranger in a strange van said...

yay!!! glassarella is here! i had such fun dissecting our personalities with you at the bar. i hope you are eating some protein this week!:)

Tara said...

Oh, I'm glad you're not bored by the history ness of the book. I'm loving the DJ book you gave me, too, but not making much progress. So many books, so little time.