Monday, April 21, 2008

wistful for the future

after recovering from yet another bout of flu-like illness last week, i'm feeling like myself again. yesterday i met up with tara and darcey and had a fantastic time sharing vandwelling tips and stories, checking out tara's van, and tossing a dirty bird for bro while we walked in the foothills and identified plants. it was so good to connect with some kindred spirits, i've felt deprived of that lately. it's lonely for me here and i can't figure out exactly why. i talked to sarah this morning and she alerted me to a job on orcas island that i'd be perfect for. it's a summer position as the head of the riding program at a children's camp. if i was already out of debt, i'd do it, but it doesn't pay enough to make it practical this year. fun jobs so rarely pay well. but this is precisely the type of job i'll be looking for once i'm free! so it's good to get a sense of the possibilities.
today is gloomy and windy, but i intend to make some progress nonetheless--reflectix curtains, hanging my solar shower, and maybe a nice dinner--i have plenty of food money left. and perhaps i'll light the fire in my chimenea tonight and bake some potatoes in the coals while i toast marshmallows. hmm


Anonymous said...

You should move. You are missing the freedom of van dwelling. So what you make a little less money but it costs minimal at best to van dwell and you live in the moment. Dont let life dictate to you what you can and cant do. Its your life you are in the drivers seat literally. Go where you will be happy. Many plan for tomorrow but you can't always count on it.

Shamana Flora said...

i agree kindred spirits are good friends. Let's look at plants again sooN!

Tara said...

It was so awesome hanging out with you. Thanks for driving up.