Friday, April 11, 2008

food update #4

still no word on the new job...i'm sorta letting it go in my mind because i think i would have heard by now.
i'm settling into a food routine thats working for me. i usually sleep until about 10 am and either get up to go to yoga or be lazy and go to the library or just hang out in the van and read or write letters. i need something to eat before work, but not much. some cheese and almonds, or a pbj, or leftovers from the night before seem to fit the bill. then i have a big meal at 4:30 at work and usually some other food shows up before the end of the night (mistakes, chef being generous, etc) and that's a day of eating for me. occasionally, i'll go out after work and have a beer and a bite, like last night when we went out for 1.50 pbr's and 1.00 tacos. i haven't been counting beers in the food budget, as i consider that more "entertainment", but i don't go out often and when i do, i spend less than 10 dollars on drinks. i haven't spend any other money on entertainment this month--E usually takes me to the movies on sunday and other nights, i just read or blog or call someone i love.
i spoke too soon about the leaks in the van. once the snow started melting off the top of it, there were several places that leaked. one really bad spot in the back that leaked directly into freyja's litterbox, and one spot in the passenger's window that's a slow drip. other places where the topper meets the van were damp, but no puddles. hmmm. this is a project for the weekend.

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