Saturday, April 5, 2008

cheating on my van

well folks, the day has come, and i knew it would, or i had my suspicions anyway. i'm cheating on my van. don't get me wrong, i love my van and have poured blood sweat and tears into getting it worthy to live in, but now that i've been living in it for a while, the infatuation has worn off and my eyes have been wandering. where you ask? in the direction of a 1977 hi-top ford econoline with an old school camper conversion. it would be soooo great to be able to stand up in my van! and have a closet! and an 8-track! it's really a beauty, and i just couldn't get it out of my mind once i saw it on craigslist, so i went to see it. the old man who's selling it is fabulous, just my kind of guy, reminds me of my dad and my grandpa Eldon, meticulous record keeper, practical, economical and fair. i liked him alot and would be happy to do business with him which counts for a big slice of the decision pie. he's asking 1800 and i can't afford that, but i could afford 1200 which is probably what i would get for my current van if i sold it, so....i made him the offer. he didn't accept yet, but he's gonna talk it over with his son and if he wants to take my offer he'll call me. he hasn't gotten any other offers yet, but if he does, he says he'll call me and see if i can beat it. so i have the right of first refusal, which is cool. i kinda hope no one else is interested and they take my offer because i really can't afford to go much higher, maybe 200 bucks more but that's it. and i just don't know if i should do it! i mean, E and i have put so much work into Bernie (my current van) that to just let all that go is a big deal, but this new van has alot of things going for it.
when i first decided to van dwell, i thought i'd need a stealth van to be able to park anywhere and not be noticed. i've learned a few things since then. i don't need a stealth van for my current situation since i have someplace to park at night. and my van is not as stealthy as i thought, it draws attention wherever i go. perhaps this is because people associate windowless vans with criminal activity. or because there's reflectix covering the windows. or because i have stuff on the dashboard and front seats that makes it look like someone lives in there and that's odd for a cargo van. so if i'm just driving an old hippy van with curtains, maybe people will be less freaked out. it's something they're used to seeing rather than something odd.
i don't know. i'm going to wait and see if the guy calls me back. i feel bad being such a van flirt, but there are some sexy vans out there and i'm just a red-blooded vandweller after all!

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zenny1313 said...

don't feel bad, your in a new life so to speak and your finding out what works is full of changes.good luck on the job interview.