Monday, February 11, 2008

the way I roll

i just had dinner with my friends at the vegetarian pizza place here in town. i'm gonna miss these kind of things. it's not that i'll be friendless and unbearably alone when they leave, it's just that i won't have an automatic crew to be part of. i'll be pretty much on my own with no one taking care of me. maybe the newish boyfriend, but i'm fairly certain we don't connect on a deep level, though he helps me with day to day matters pretty well. i haven't told him about this blog and i don't intend to. what does that say?
i talked to my mom today and it seems like she's tolerating me, but certainly not endorsing me. this is nothing new. i hesitate to tell her about this blog, but i know she'd be interested. it seems like she finds the unconventional things i do to be embarrassing or at least hideable. i wonder if she'll ever see what i'm doing as necessary? i could keep it a secret, and in fact i am from most of the people i know, including my family.. it's impossible for me to live my life according to my family's guidelines anyway, but that's another day's blog.
i've got the bed frame in the van, it's insulated, floored and mechanically sound. i'm pretty much on schedule for moving in on the 29th of feb.


jack said...

I haven't fully read all your prior posts, but did you eventually let your family in on your blog? I've made a decision to keep things quiet for a while, until I make some headway with my simplicity plan...

Anonymous said...

taking a leap on leap year 2008 you were.