Friday, February 29, 2008

the last day

woke up this morning in my bed for the last time. tonight after work i'll be moving all the last little pieces of my material worth into my van, and the bed is going to E's. my cat has no idea what's going on. i have to work tonight, the last night of "restaurant week" and arguably one of the busiest nights of the year. i've made over 1000 bucks this week so far and i'm grateful for that, but working this hard and moving has taken it's toll on me. i feel weak and unhealthy, kinda strung out like when i used to do drugs, but this is totally natural. i'm pondering what it's going to feel like to live outside...i think it'll be great through the fall, but come the cold winds in november, i'll be seeking warmer climes. maybe i'll do like the snowbirds and move to arizona for the winter. i'll be ready and able, everything else is unkonwn.

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I'm Chris Harne said...

I just spent the winter living in my van in Key West. There are a whole ton of people doing the same thing - snowbirding on a tropical island. It should be easy to get a job waiting tables for "the season" and it's a great place to meet other open minded people. It's beautiful. I found really good parking, and reduced my debt.