Thursday, February 21, 2008

8 days to go

i'm achingly tired right now, my neck is screaming for a massage, my wrists are sore, and i'm thirsty. i wonder if it'll be harder to help myself when i'm in the van? i hope not cause i'm in bad shape now, and i still have a house. i'm trying to fit in so many things right now--downsizing, moving into the van, selling stuff on ebay, enjoying my friends before they leave, working 12 nights in a row, and getting a promotion--it all has to happen at the same time. i enjoy sweeping changes, but it's exhausting.
i got several things done on the van in the past 2 days--front brakes, strut arm bushings, oil change, spark plugs, and a new headlight/domelight switch (which didn't solve the problem of the dome light being on whenever the dash lights are on), so i'm feeling better about the state of my home. i ended up getting it all done for 360 bucks including parts, pretty good i think.
my mom said i can send more stuff, so i will, just to feel safer. i don't want to let go of everything, just the things i don't love.
so many things whirling in my mind, but my eyes are quitting...

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