Saturday, February 9, 2008

hungry for adventure

i've lived in this city for a year with two of my very best friends, it's been good for me to be in close association with people i respect and love. but, it's time to get back to my solitude, my hermit nature, and my spirit of adventure. the only way i can see to get all those things and meet my financial goals (ie not quit my job and move) is to move into a van. maybe it doesn't make the most sense for anyone else, but for me, it's perfect.
i became obsessed with the idea on new years eve, a day for new beginnings and historically a pivotal point for me. there were still 2 months left to live in this house, so i had some time, but not too much time--i'm always more productive on a deadline.
at this point, i have the van mechanically sound, insulated, and a plywood floor put in. goals for the week include getting the bed frame installed and building a kitchen/bathroom area. it's all going to be very primitive--water jug, basin, coleman stove, cooler, bucket with a seat on it. my only power will be a bulk propane tank and a portable battery for a few hours of computer time a day. i have a job where i can charge up while i work and also get free ice. for lights, i'll have an LED lantern that runs on rechargeable batteries and a headlamp/flashlight.
for bathing, i have a membership at a yoga studio with showers, and a few friends around town who have generously offered their amenities. i'll park in residential neighborhoods, or at friends houses, or in the national forest on my days off. the world at large is my living room, my van a portable respite.
i have 20 days to prepare for this leap.
i have a million things yet to do....

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