Thursday, February 14, 2008


everyday i refine my to-do list and try to knock a few things off. today i got a rug from a dumpster outside a thrift store in boulder, it has a hole in it, but is otherwise pretty good. no smells or stains, and i'll be cutting it up anyway, so the hole's not a problem. i also bought 16 yards of fabric from the same thrift store for 8 dollars, it's a vintage flower pattern that i was immediately drawn to. i love thrifting, if i could do it for a living, i would. i haven't figured out how to make money from it yet, but maybe once i don't have any bills, maybe i'll be able to make at least a supplimental income from selling the interesting stuff i find on ebay or something...
i've got my taxes filed, and should get my return by the end of the month. boy do i hate even paying taxes. i don't believe in a darn thing the federal government does and i don't have faith that i'll ever reap any rewards such as social security, which is a meager amount anyway.
my motorcycle is up for auction on ebay right now. i'm sad to see her go, but i won't be when i send a big fat check in to my credit cards. won't they just be begging me to use those checks they send every other day! "there's never been a better time to use these checks.." they just can't stand it when i start to get out from under them. they're fair-weather friends, to be sure.
i still don't know how i'm going to fit everything i need in the van. i have to do my best to reduce as much as i possibly can, and then just try to move in. i'm sure there will be overflow which i plan to take to E's house to figure out. i'm grateful for the cushion that gives me.
there's a really annoying squeak in my van that has me thinking all kinds of horrible thoughts. it's like when you feel a lump in your neck and think it's cancer, no it's mumps, oh no it's goiter, and so on. so far i've narrowed it down to my brakes, my differential, my wheel bearings, bushings, and a few other things that i don't understand. i plan to get a diagnosis this week. oh me oh my oh.

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