Sunday, February 10, 2008

the war

i'm fighting for my freedom. i'm a servant to debt and all things which got me there...a motorcycle, a root canal, several educations, clothes, food, rent, eyeglasses, moving. and the sad truth is i don't really care about these things now. of all of them, the root canal was the only thing i'd say was worth it. so, i'm abandoning the path of credit and debt, i'm fully embracing a cash based economy. i'm ready to be a minimalist, i have plenty of clothes, plenty of books, and entertainment is free if you know where to look. i live in the most wasteful country on earth where it is impossibly easy to scavenge basic needs like food, water, clothing, and even toiletries. from this point forward, all available cash goes to reducing debt.
it shouldn't take me long, less than a year. maybe less than 9 months if i play my cards right. once i get my debt-freedom back, i won't be so careless about losing it again. i've heard that owing nothing is the new wealthy, and i believe it.


A Poet Philosopher said...

MY hats off to you for learning this truth. I wished I was free to do the same, but I have a mortgage, 2 trucks a sportscar, a motorcycle, dunebuggy and lots of stuff. Minimalism rules, it gives you time to ponder truth and what is going on in the world. I am working on de-stuffing my life as well. I really wished I hadn't wasted so much money on toys.


stranger in a strange van said...

be ruthless in your quest to de-stuff. sentimentality and adding up all the dollars you have in the stuff can overwhelm. but when you start to let it go, it's incredibly freeing--you no longer have to be responsible for that thing anymore! thanks for the support, i really need it!

urban vandweller said...

Conservation, minimalism and debt reduction down to no debt, will set you free and change your life. Congratulations on your new path!
Urban Vandweller

stranger in a strange van said...

thanks! your blog has been a great inspiration to me.

Angela Parker said...

I believe you are on a popular path. I've been drooling over Vans and class "b" and "c" vehicles on ebay in my "downtime" for many months.

Getting out of debt -- not "except for..." has been my goal and it will be completed (knocking on wood) by the end of this year.

I have a small farm and a tiny cabin I built with cash (still needs to have the wallboard patched and painted and the woodwork finished inside). But the allure of the road is strong and the only way it's possible is to eliminate what little debt I have left.

Caring for my "things" is nauseating. I prefer freedom, like you.

Thanks for sharing your journey!

Anonymous said...