Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the final countdown

E came over this morning and got me motivated to get crackin' at the junkyard. i love junkyards--they're like thrift stores for cars! i could have spent all day there just looking at what people leave behind. i'm a scavenger at heart, i've always loved abandoned houses and neglected places. i just like the feeling i get when looking at things that were once loved and cared for, now forgotten and returned to the ephemeral world of the lost. we found some very useful things like a spare tire mount for the back door, a rear view mirror, and a sink! the sink is cool, it's got two tanks in the cabinet, one for fresh water that's connected to a hand pump, an the other for the drain water. very simple and easy convenience. E installed both items while i cleaned the house with the roomies. he's saved me so much time, i don't know where i'd be without his help.
the van is looking like a crazy hippy ride inside, though it's stealthy as all get out on the exterior. just your average boring cargo van. only a few more minor modifications and i'll be ready to move in. well, i have to move in by saturday, so ready or not...
i got a weird email today with an anonymous message about my blog from an individual who thinks i'm being selfish. does anyone know why van-living would be considered selfish? i guess if you count the feelings of my landlord who won't be getting rent from me, and the credit card companies who won't be making money from me, i could understand this notion, but i don't see how living in a van has any effect on my friends or social network at all. i love my friends and family, and i love my community and if anything, i want more time to spend with them doing whatever it is we want to do. that's part of the reason i'm doing this. if someone wants to laugh at me for my efforts, well fine, they are free to do so, just as i'm free to van-dwell. i make no claim to be better or smarter than anyone who lives in a house, to each his own. i surely haven't made the best choices in life, and yes those choices got me where i am, but i'm happy here! i live fully, joyfully, and splendidly every day with no regret, so don't feel sorry for me because i live in a van.


Anonymous said...

What city and state are you from ? I have u pull it autoparts here in this state but they dont have Wrecked Rvs..

stranger in a strange van said...

i'm in colorado and most of the junkyards have tons of rv's and vans. don't know why this would be different in other states.