Saturday, February 23, 2008


made some progress on the van today. E came over and was a huge help--i think we're gonna be ok, just some hurt feelings and miscalculations. i'm sure i'd be dead tired if i had to put all those metal screws in. got the carpet fitted and secured, and about half of the fabric up on the walls to cover the insulation. tomorrow we will finish the fabric and i'd like to move my kitchen stuff in to see how much room it takes up.
i got an offer on my motorcycle! a local guy is going to give me 4500 for it, so i'm really happy about that! he's going to bring me a deposit tomorrow and the balance on monday-yay!!! take that, credit card debt! i wish i hadn't wasted so much time and money trying to sell it on ebay. but oh well, craigslist wins again!

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