Monday, May 19, 2008

three movies, one day

i borrowed three movies from the library deciding to take full advantage of my housesitting home theater. i watched them in this order--"Show Cats", a documentary on fancy purebred cats and the people who show them, "Secrets of the Wild Child", a documentary on the child named Genie who had been locked in a room for almost 13 years with only a potty chair and a crib, and "Hell House", a documentary on the Trinity church in Texas and the house they run every october to scare people into being christians by way of depicting hell. seeing these films and the wide variety of people and lives they illuminate made me feel good about being who i am where i am. i'm not a crazy cat lady yet, there are far more extreme cat lovers, i had a pretty awesome childhood with lots of love and education which has set me up to be the explorer that i am, and i'm not terrorized by extremist christian fear-mongering. i like seeing movies that reveal the extremes of society, i am always fascinated by the breadth of human experience. it allows me to feel more comfortable with my own eccentricities.


Peggy said...

Well, you picked a good variety of movies. Haven't seen any you mentioned though the one about the boy sounds interesting.

Living the good life....together!! said...

Do you still have your old van?? Are you wanting to sell it? We would be interested..How much would you want for it??
Lori and John

T. said...

I showed The Wild Child in my psychology classes. Sad, strange story...the relationship between "subject" and "researchers" is a complex one.