Wednesday, May 7, 2008

lost in the woods

yesterday i went for a hike and got lost in the woods. it was great. i felt like an idiot, but i also got a great workout and climbed a mountain, something that never would have happened had i not needed to get out of the woods as quickly as possible. i was two and a half hours late for work, but luckily i was able to use my cell phone on top of the mountain to call my coworkers and let them know my plight. i ended up hiking about 7 miles total--5 more than i intended. it was a very interesting psychological study of myself. rather than turn back, i chose to go forward even though i had no idea where it would lead. i figured if i could just get to the end of the trail i was on, i'd have to be near a road and i could hitch a ride back to my van. the longer i pushed on, the less attractive turning around became. and after i climbed the mountain and came down the other side, there was NO WAY i was going to go back up it. so, i eventually made it out to a road and the very first person who drove by picked me up. he took me to the intersection of the highway and from there i had to hike a while until someone else picked me up and took me back to the van. very different individuals--the first was a business man in a lexus who was very nonchalant about my situation, though quite pleasant. the second was a haggard older guy in a beat up pick up strewn with junk who was concerned about a young woman like me hitching. he said he picked me up just to get me off the street before someone less savory came along. whatever, i was just happy to be on my way. once at work, it was no big deal, there were hardly any customers and i felt quite content just to leisurely cruise through the night. amazing how a harrowing adventure puts regular life in a new perspective. i highly recommend it!


Shamana Flora said...

wow! yes, getting lost in the woods is quite an eye opening experience! I'm glad you made it out alright!!

Living the good life....together!! said...

Love your posts...We have started one as well. We had been looking to start one but didnt know where..till we found yours. We have read them all. We will be buying our van soon. Just trying to find just the right one. And one that I can work on lol..