Monday, May 26, 2008

little miracles

my luck is changing for the better if only in small ways, i can feel the tides shifting into the magical time of summer, my favorite time of year. yesterday i rode my scooter around all day, just for the fun of it. i went jogging, then went to brunch with a friend where we met some of her friends who are djs of the most fun sort--they play 60's music and obscure soul and one of them even djs with 8-tracks sometimes. quirky and unassuming, i loved them both. then we went to the thrift store to look for 8-tracks and cassettes, also awesome fun. bruce said he would help me fix my broken tapes and look at my 8-track player to get it working right again. finding friends who share your love of old technology is validating and useful.
then last night, i wanted to go see "standard operating procedure" at the theater, but i got there 7 minutes late and there was no one in the box office (it was the last film of the night). i thought i'd be turned away, but there was a girl outside who said she worked there and i could just go in since they'd already shut down the computer. sweet! the movie itself was very good, an errol morris film about the pictures from abu graib prison with interviews from the people in the pictures. have you noticed, i'm a documentary junkie?
today, i took back the window air conditioner and the chiminea i got from lowes because i never use either of them and got my 150 bucks back. then i bought more reflectix and velcro which i've learned are the only things you really need to make your van awesome. i'm trying to get my rig all set before my parents get here so they'll be impressed.
the latest wonderful thing is still up in the air, but i think i got it--i've been trying to find a place for my bff, his boyfriend, and i to stay when we're at sarah's wedding and most places are booked already. i found a little cabin called the gnome house and it is incredible, and (i think) available! it is all hand crafted and looks like a fairy tale or something out of lord of the rings, and it's not even expensive, same price as all the other normal places on the island. so, i talked to the husband and he has to check with his wife, but it looks like we're in! i swear it's the most unique and magical cabin i've ever seen.
things are looking up and this is going to be the best summer ever. woohoo!

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