Monday, May 5, 2008

northwest is best

my mental state has greatly improved thanks to the healing powers of the oregon forest. misty, ancient, green and deep, there's nothing quite like it anywhere else i've ever been. i realized how much i miss the water. abundant water that rushes in rivers and piles up in snowbanks and gently rains almost every day. plus it makes my hair look better.
the concentration of friends i have there is very lucrative. i had gorgeous maidens beckoning me to join them, to cook with them, to live with and near them in the most beautiful land with the most progressive cities and the coolest people. duh. being here by myself made me lose track of how many opportunities i have elsewhere. even the hot spring we were at was hiring massage therapists. now, they don't pay much, but you live there and they feed you three organic vegetarian meals a day. it's yet another place i'll be free to live when i'm out of debt.
i came back with renewed vigor and determination to push through this trying time and into the next chapter. i'm all set to tackle my may goals, and i went to bikram yoga today. i'd love to be a little slimmer for sarah's wedding in july, and i know how to do it. one day at a time.


jstar said...

sister, a wise friend once told me to think of my debt not as an oppressor but as an inconvenience. please follow your heart.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I'm an aspiring vandweller, an inch away from buying the hightop (and freedom) I've been longing for.
Shhhhh, don't tell about the PNW ....

Bon Vivant said...

Ditto on the hush hush. I live in Portland and am planning on vandwelling in a Westy I'm creating so don't want a crowd up here!

Bon Chance!