Friday, May 16, 2008

reporting from my boss's house

i'm naked, sitting in my bosses bedroom, waiting for my grilled cheese to cook. freyja hates their cats so far, and has not held back her vocal protests, but i'm determined to make peace. we'll be here for four days, and i hope in that time to socialize her at bit. i'd love for her to get to the point where other animals are no big deal.
i've been hanging out with my friend jess from work lately, and i really like her. she's been through many of the same things i have--in love with a gay man and the eventual breakup, substance abuse, service industry burn-out, weight issues. it's a little easier to get by just knowing that someone else has been there too. she thinks the reason i'm alone is because people are afraid to get involved with someone who isn't rooted in place. i say, no one knows how long they'll be in one spot, i just accept that i'll be moving on sooner or later and figure i better find someone who is ok with that.
the chateau is still in the shop, i'll pick it up tomorrow. i think i'll try to get a few more housesitting gigs before i hit the road, it's great to have a house all to myself and be appreciated for loving on the cats and watering the tomatoes. and to have a bath!! i love to soak! it heals my wounds and puts my soul in order.

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