Thursday, March 6, 2008

traveling with cats

i put a lock on my gate and posted some signs about no tresspassing, beware of dog, etc. and there's really nothing of value out there anymore. if they want my kitty litter, they can have it!
speaking of kitty...she's adapting, though i'm not sure how happy she is. i'm giving it a full month before i put a definitive declaration on her emotional health. at night, she's all purrs and love, and last night she slept in the bed with me (first time) which was cozy. but during the day, all she does is hide under the bed when i'm driving around, and last night she meowed mournfully when i got in the van after work. it was so cold! i know she has a fur coat on, and there are plenty of blankets/hiding places to conserve warmth in, but i feel bad making a pampered housecat into a vagabond. well, if i can do it, so can she. i put in a hot water bottle when i got to work last night and i don't know if she cuddled up to it or not. i slept with this same bottle last night and it's new so it *stinks* like plastic. she probably hates it. but she's eating, drinking, peeing and pooping, so there's no signs of severe distress. she's always been a traveling cat, she just has no idea how long this could go on. hehe.
this coffee shop is freezing and so are my fingers. oh warms winds of spring where are you??

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