Sunday, March 30, 2008

van pics! finally! #1

view of my bed looking back from the passenger seat. comrade panda lounges on the down comforters, he's tired from all the anarchy. clothes fill all the drawers and the space to the right of the cattycorner drawers is a catch all for sweatshirts/scarves/gloves and other random stuff
my hand pump sink set up, cabinet above holds knives, tape, soap, ect. under the sink goes trashbags, cleaning supplies, baby wipes.
on the left bottom corner of the bed hangs my laundry bag which is attached to the cabinet with a hook, front and center is my toilet (a 5 gallon bucket with a luggable loo seat attached) which mostly serves as a garbage can and seat.
my cabinet system which holds tea, honey, canned goods, medicine, essential oils, dishes, sacred artifacts, and spices. on top of the bottom cabinet is my power strip which is plugged into a big contracter grade extention cord into which i plug in the van for power. see later pics for the rest of this system.

here's how my sink system works--one gallon jug for fresh water, the waste water goes out the blue tube through a hole in the bottom of the van. easy!
i have to put the pics in several different posts for some reason, so keep reading!


Romana S said...

Thanks for the pics Lydia. I like the one of your bead and comrad Panda. Also of Frija.

I'm Chris Harne said...

Super nice van, dude.

Issa said...

What are you using as your mattress? My van is only about 67 inches across, and I can't find a mattress smaller than about 76 inches. Is your van wider or did you rig a mattress of some kind?