Tuesday, March 11, 2008


i have a secret...i love laundromats. yes, i'll agree that it's much more convenient to do laundry at home, and the truth is i didn't miss going out to do my laundry when i had a washer/dryer in the basement. but i think it's fun to go "out" for laundry. you never know who you're gonna meet and it's a great place to watch people who you may have nothing else in common with save the fact that you both had to do laundry at the same time. i don't use smelly detergent or fabric softener, but i kinda like the smell of others using it, the same way i like the smell of gasoline but wouldn't intentionally have it around to smell.
another reason i like these places of the washed cloth, is i'm an eavesdropper. it gives me a strange pleasure to hear other people's mundane conversations. occasionally i'll catch something profound or furious or achingly sad, and at those times i'm glad to be a witness.
maybe it's because i never had to go to the laundromat as a kid that i like them now. it's also a place to watch soap operas or read a book, and nowadays to check my email, or blog. it a retreat where no one will find me, yet i'm doing something essential to life.
i'm at the closest laudromat to my parking spot and it's pretty sweet--free internet, a tropical mural on the back wall with a window into the barber shop in the rear, a couple of video games which i haven't checked out yet (hopefully there's a pinball machine!), and the washer/dryer to people ratio is very good. i tend to like 24hr mats best, but this one is open six am till midnight seven days a week which is pretty good. i'm sure i'll be reporting from here many times and once i get my laptop battery, i may be lurking in the parking lot at night to check in with the vandwellers yahoo group, or post a late night after work musing.


Dark-Blue-Night said...

how do you get internet services at the laundry mat ? what service do you use to get internet ?

Heather said...

You know, when I lived at Rumbarger there was an alnight laundromat that Me, Brenda & Melissa would go to at like 1 in the morning. It was the best.

I also love to eavesdrop on people. It makes for good listening!