Sunday, March 30, 2008

electricity is everywhere

i'm suddenly seeing all kinds of electric outlets in public where it would be incredibly easy to plug in for a while when needed. there's 4 at the post office where my po box is and they're actually out in the parking lot on posts, most accessible! i could use these late nights or weekends and probably not arouse much suspicion. then there are many in the mall's parking garage where i sometimes park for work, not a late night solution, but anytime during mall hours would probably be easy. and there's one outside my work, though i'd have to put a cord across the sidewalk to access that one. and then there's one outside st. mark's coffee house on a post near the street. would be a great late night access point when the business is closed.
makes me think it would be easier to live without my parking spot that i had once imagined. i'm sure there would be some run ins with security guards or police when using these spots, but it would be easy enough to explain and move on. and in most cases, if they didn't see me plugging in, why would they notice? i may try them out just for fun!


zenny1313 said...

not trying to be a downer but you need to have a way to catch that gray water and not let it leak on the ground,some places that is illegal dumping, so i guess i would find a way to split the hose in the middle,that way when necessary you could use a container,then other times have it the way you have it now. think about it you see a van with a big puddle under it it catches you eye so to speak, I'm just trying to help. have a great day.

stranger in a strange van said...

well...if i'm in an area where i can't or shouldn't leak water, i just won't use the sink. i'm only putting friendly soap and toothpaste down there, so it's not much of an evironmental concern, and i don't use the sink when i'm downtown or in a highly populated area. thanks for the concern though, and i'll keep it in mind.