Thursday, March 27, 2008

a day in the life of a vandweller

spring is fully here and solidly confirming that fact is a day like today. i woke up in the murky grey light of early morning and noticed the sky looked different--it's the sky that holds low misty clouds that gently drop rain as if they're trying to avoid bending the grass. so soft and dreamy i just couldn't get out of bed, the blanket of humidity held me down and soothed me. so, i succumbed to the temptation and went back to sleep, the delicate drip drip on the roof was my lullaby. when i could no longer justify my languor, i slipped out of bed and fed my cat, still wallowing in the closeness of the atmosphere.
since i slept through yoga, i had to come up with a plan for getting clean before work. my laundry bag was full, so i prepared to do my business at the laundromat. i packed a bag with the necessary supplies while i brewed some green earl grey in my french press. at the laundromat, there's a bathroom with hot water, it's a "one seater" so that's great, private, roomy and perfect for my purposes. there is a sign that says "no personal bathing" and i'm sure there must be a reason that sign got posted. i can't quite figure it out, but someone must have made a mess in there i guess. it's another sign that the way i'm living is not acceptable, but i am unthwarted and push on. i make it quick in there, and since i'm practiced, it takes only 5 minutes and i feel like a new woman. i don't think the attendant noticed, and if he did, he kept his mouth shut. the fact that he may have a crush on me doesn't hurt. refreshed, i do a load of laundry and get online to share it all with you.
when i leave, i will round up something to eat, maybe hit the breakfast queen and then head into town to do some errands before work. days like this make it so easy to vandwell--i don't have to worry about where i park the van because the full cloud cover keeps it from getting too hot in there. i love that colorado is so sunny, but it's a welcome reprieve to have a day like today.
thanks for tuning in...

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Van Dweller said...

ha ha, interesting day in the life. Are you still van dwelling?