Sunday, March 9, 2008

more van improvements

today E helped me get the parking spot cleared out. there was a bunch of stuff in there like part of an old chain link fence, chunks of concrete, and three huge logs from a tree that had been cut down the previous year. the landlord (if you can call him that) was supposed to have it all out of there before i moved in, but here it is well into the second week and he hasn't done a thing. it's a good thing E is so strong, otherwise i would have had to hire someone to cut the logs up so i could haul them out. i'm not about to learn how to use a chainsaw...well not yet anyway. i pulled the chain link fence out with a chain hooked to bernie's bumper, that part was easy. then i filled a garbage can full of concrete chunks while E drilled a hole in the floor of the van. the sink had been leaking, and the floor was soaked, so yesterday i pulled out the soft sided tanks and found that the drain tank was leaking BAD. i threw it away, disgusted and peeved. E said, why don't we just put a hole in the floor and the water can drain out the bottom of the van? good idea, i thought! so, today he manned the drill for yet another brilliant idea. the hole he put in the floor was the perfect size for the drain, he was even able to pound the little hard plastic thing that had screwed into the tank into the hole for a practically airtight fit. no more tank worries! it's just what i wanted--a very simple water system that gives me the comforts of home, but is easily repaired and maintained.
tomorrow i will level the ground up and try to tear out the rest of the sticks and roots so i can start to fix it up the way i want it. i think just a little patio table/chairs and a chimenea will do the trick. it'll be just like living in my own private campground. yay.

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