Wednesday, March 5, 2008


what a way to burst my little bubble. i came home last night all happy and proud after work and when i pulled up to my spot, something was wrong...the gate was wide open and plastic containers were strewn about. my heart sank. why would someone bother with my junk? there was nothing there of any real value, and i had foolishly thought that no one would mess with it. i went to bed feeling depressed and like maybe i should have never rented this place. i decided to call my landlord in the morning and figure something out.
when i talked to him this morning, he told me one of the neighbors witnessed the ransacking and called the cops. there's a high school right across the street, and apparently some kids got into my stuff looking for beer or whatever it is kids want these days. they stole my cooler (empty) and a few backpacks (also empty) and a first aid kit. why? i can't imagine. they certainly couldn't get any money for these things, i guess they just did it out of boredom. they caught the kids and my landlord is pressing tresspasing charges and i could press charges for theft as well. i think i will, unless they return my stuff with an apology (not likely). disheartening. and then i woke up to another snowstorm. ugh..spring can't come soon enough! the high of yesterday is balanced by the low of today. i thought about moving out, but i really like my little spot, and with a few changes, i think it'll work. my landlord brought over a security camera today, and i'm putting a lock on the fence. hopefully this will be enough deterrent. i may also look for a little tool shed that i can lock things in, but they're kindof expensive and i don't want to end up spending just as much as renting an apartment to fix this place up. i made up my mind to try again, but if there's another incident, i will move on. i'm looking at this as a lesson--my van is my home, not my parking spot, and anything outside my van is subject to the world at large. keep it simple, stupid!


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable...I'm so sorry this happened to you. Invading your space, stealing your stuff - all very disappointing and sad.

ken said...

well that stinks,but life go on,don't let it ruin your new the bumper sticker says
$hit happens.
be strong.