Saturday, August 2, 2008

things n'stuff

tonight, i finally made money and i can rest a little easier.  i made a list to day called "things to do so i can get outta here", and i crossed off one item--cashing in my life insurance policy.  it's going to be my seed money for the next adventure.  it seems like every day i meet someone at work who tells me of a new place to go for the winter.  a guy with a shock of grey hair and a sly look told me about costa rica and some place in mexico which i can't recall the name of, but he was dead set that going to costa rica was a better choice than the USVI, so i'm going to do some research.  
eric called me today with his new number.  perhaps i have a chance after all.  he said he'd let me ride his new bike!  i'm pretty excited to see him on monday.  i hope things can be better between us.
going on 22 straight days of 100 degree heat here in the mile high city, but i went for a run anyway.  i'm kicking into gear now that the vacation is over.  i want to be comfortable in a bikini this winter!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering why you deleted the post about stealing someone's pet. You seemed so proud of yourself.

stranger in a strange van said...

i didn't realize how many trolls were lurking on my blog, but i can't take chances on someone trying to track me down. i felt that post was too revealing of my time and place. never underestimate the power of people with nothing better to do than post anonymous comments.