Friday, August 8, 2008

pushing me out

as usually happens, the place i'm in becomes less and less hospitable as the date for my departure draws near. i don't know how it happens, but i trust the shifting energies and will follow their currents.
the hot dry days of summer have moved out and heavy clouds laden with messages dominate the days. no longer can i ride my moped at night without my down jacket. the late night t-shirt rides live only in july. weird tensions with my neighbors remind me that the same rights and privileges of rent-payers don't apply to those who live in vans. i have quite a list of things to do before i can go, and the clock is ticking. summer had lulled me into an easy routine, but change now looms close-by.
a fellow van-dweller who i met through this blog visited me this week. he's also from the northeast and we shared thoughts on how weird it can be there. he's moving to oregon because he wants to and there's no reason not to. a simple philosophy that he's applied quite well to his life. it was fun to have him around, we rode bikes in the glorious rain, i fed him gourmet treats at my work, and he showed me his tattoo which is awesome/hilarious. we talked about the salton sea, key west, bike-punk ethics, and strategic parking skills. even if i mother-henned him a bit, i think he enjoyed his time here in freedomvanland.
for those concerned about "friend", he was adopted this week. he's not dead.


Jack said...

Sweet! What was Chris like? Been following him for a while.


I'm Chris Harne said...

HOLY SHIT! Mother henned me? My dear Lydia... what are you talking about?

I had a really great time. Thanks for not letting me get the wrinkly shirt, and giving me a hanger to keep the unwrinkly one unwrinkled. (I think I looked good today.)

And it was good to have someone to talk to while being far from home and familiar territory.