Sunday, August 10, 2008

flood and famine

yesterday the rains came raging through the streets and the restaurant flooded.  everyone was in bare feet and soaking wet, it was kinda awesome.  i've never seen flash flooding like that before, the temporary river was wicked fast and the thunder and lightning tremendous.  the guys built a dam with tables to divert the deluge from going straight down into the patio, quite dramatic!  it felt like we were on the titanic having dinner and drinks while the ship was slowly filling with water. 
my scooter was knee deep in water for a while and i half expected it not to work, but all i had to do was dry the spark plug and she started right up.  i worried that my cat had drowned or my van had filled up with wetness, but everything was fine, if a little damp.  
today i made very little money, confirming that this job is going down the drain.  i may not even be able to meet my goal of paying off all my debt before i leave.  i'd rather leave still owing a little bit and get a job for the winter than stay here and wallow in the recession.  not that i'll be able to escape it, but at least i'll be warm.  i wish i could be a hobobartender and just show up in town for a guest stint at little hole in the wall places, that would be so cool.  
a reorganization of finances and plans has to occur in the next week or two.  i think i can still pull off something fantastic, but it's going to be trickier than i thought.

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