Monday, June 16, 2008

whats on my mind

i'm sitting here looking at some ridiculous art about how the republicans and democrats are all part of the same sad system of power for the rich, and while i agree somewhat with the messages in it, the art itself is just bad. it's marker on posterboards and the message is so obvious and sarcastic as to erase all nuance or subtlety. it offends my senses. i really like nuance and subtlety.
i got things done today--went to the dmv and got the van titled and registered in my name, and talked to joe on the phone. i plan to make a few more friend calls today and do my part to catch up. i spoke with sarah a couple days ago and i think part of my migration path will include being in western washington with her and luis. it's so helpful to our minds to have each other to look at instead of just seeing our own face in the mirror. i feel like a better person when i'm around them, and that can't be ignored. the more immediate plan is to figure out just where i am wintering.
what i really need this winter to be is this--wide open, very little work for money, lots of space for reading/learning/wandering, different from every winter in the past. and when the spring comes, i want a puppy. i've learned that i need so very little in the way of material things, and that has cleared the way for these simple goals to emerge. things that are all possible and not far in the future. if i get my birthday wish somewhere in there, it'll be icing on the cake...


Sub Girl said...

If you come to West Washington, you better come see us too! We'll have the perfect drive way for the Faded Rainbow!

Jack said...

Loved this post! What kind of puppy are you thinking of?

I think you are where I want to be in a little over a year. I/people can learn alot from you.

Take care,


stranger in a strange van said...

heather, you are one of the reasons western wa is so lucrative! i can't wait to see your new home.
and jack, i don't know, a mutt? maybe some kind of big poodle or terrier type? a smart, loving dog who will follow me anywhere. are you a future vandweller?

jack said...

Thinking about it very hard. I'm giving myself a year+ to sell/give away everything and then head out on the open road. Was thinking of hitching/busing for a bit, but the van/RV thing is calling to me.

Seriously, read ALL your prior posts yesterday and couldn't wait for more. It sounds like a crazy, at times lonely, exhilarating, natural experience...keep it up!


Joey said...

I know this is an old, old post to comment on, but I just had to. You're talking about the red, white & blue posters that were up on the walls at St. Mark's this summer, right? They were aaaaabsolutely terrible. And the prices on those things, oy. $900 for a hideous political poster that's not even clever? No. Just, no.

Love the blog. I live in Denver and aspire to live on the road with my partner and kids. You're an inspiration.