Sunday, June 22, 2008

van cat

freyja is a van cat. she understands that the van is her home, but also the spot is her home so if we are there, she can get out and do whatever, but if we're somewhere else, she's got to stay in the van or very close to the van. today i had two massage clients and i do mobile massage, so i had to load all my stuff up and take the van out, but it was going to be HOT and i can't park in the shade at this clients house, so i decided to leave frey at the spot. she was out of the van when i started it and joe checked to make sure she wasn't underneath when i pulled out. i was unsure how she'd feel being there without the van, but it was time to find out. one of the things that made me realize she might be ok staying there without the van is that she's been pooping outside in the dirt and is therefore not litterbox dependant. i was nervous still. i went to my appointment and ended up being very glad she wasn't inside because my client had to move my van while i worked on his wife. i would not like to explain why there is a cat in the van, thank you.
when i returned home, she was hiding in the space between the storage shed and the fence, all stealthy. the only giveaway was her fur sticking out under the fence. i parked the van and she rolled up to say hello. no problem. van cat. awesome.


Sub Girl said...

Cats are smart little cookies!

We would LOVE for you to visit us! Just let us know when it will be good for you. If you can let us know a little early so we can make sure and take some time off.

You'll be the first to see the new house! Yeah Lydia!

Jack said...

Sounds like you can be more mobile for work going forward. Always a good thing. BTW, has she adjusted completely to van life? I know that she wasn't exactly thrilled about it at the beginning...