Wednesday, June 4, 2008

leaving day

a heavy bank of clouds obscures the sky today as if to prepare me for my aloneness.  in a few hours my mom and dad will be taking off and back to their own lives, me back to mine.  this trip has been fruitful and i hope to share many things i learned from it in the coming days, but right now i'm soaking up the last moments.  the basic outline of the story goes: i love my parents because they are strong, good people.  i can't stand them because they are so opinionated.  we have alot of fun together because we share a sense of adventure.  they drive me nuts because we have so much history of conflict.  i want more time with them, but i also want a safe retreat of my own.  
today i go back to work and i'm actually excited to see my coworkers.  they really put on a show for my birthday and i love them for that.  the place  is probably a mess, i better get there early.

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