Monday, June 9, 2008

birthday week continues

i tore out the carpet in the van because there was linoleum underneath it and i am SO glad i did! the van seems so much cleaner and all i need to clean is a broom and a wet rag. i also pulled lots of weeds from my parking spot today and the whole place just seems more loved. the city is really beautiful right now with all the greenery and i'm just enjoying life more and more. my parents being here helped me by giving me a sense of place in this world which i knew i had, but couldn't quite find until they pointed it out. i am loved!
this week i've taken 4 solar showers because it's been sunny almost every day. i'm so glad i have that option, it's really fun and i highly recommend it if you have a place you can set it up. i derive great pleasure from being able to provide my own luxuries, and when you live in a van, a hot shower is definitely a luxury. the scooter has also been invaluable to me with the rising cost of gas. it goes 70 miles to the gallon and is really saving my ass right now on my work commute. i will definitely be getting a bumper carrier before i leave town so i can take the scooter with me.
today i'm going to lakeside amusement park with some friends after we cook dinner and drink beer together, it's my birthday celebration part 2. my parents and my friend kree were together for my real birthday and we went to the botanic gardens and out to dinner at a famous colorado landmark restaurant. it was really fun and yes we ate rocky mountain oysters and i felt comfortable enough with my parents to drink a bottle of wine with kree which is huge for me. and now it's time to party with kids my own age. yay!

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