Tuesday, June 24, 2008

earthship dreams

last night i watched the earthship movie. the innovation and exploration that has taken place since these were conceived is incredible. using tires filled with dirt for walls, colored bottles for stained glass effects, growing food in the living room, harnessing the winter sun for heat. if i wanted a house, it would be one of these. i only want a house if it creates it's own energy and deals with its own waste. none of this slavery to the utility companies. none of this flush away un-reality. in my own limited way, i'm trying to create that for myself now. i'm still miles away from being off the grid, but i'm closer than ever before. i just hope to be ready for whatever comes my way in this life. i feel that radical changes are rapidly approaching and i want to be a capable and valueable community member. it's the only way i see to stay somewhat comfortable when the shit hits the fan. at this point, i can be the go-to lady for information on living in vans, healing massage, 8-track repair, and toaster oven cooking. it's a start i guess.



the shit it about to hit the fan in a big way. we are running out of fuel fast and it will be very soon when there will be no electricity and all the things we rely on fuel for. i personally believe that if you can, you should buy a piece of land and learn to live off it because the time is soon when that will be the only way to survive. i am starting to learn about permaculture and volunteering on organic and sustainable farms in the near future so that i will be able to support myself when we the shit has hit. i have always believed that we do not need 90% of the stuff we hav on this planet, and earthships prove that we have what we need already.

I'm Chris Harne said...

Bicycles. I don't think any shit is hitting any fans super soon. I'm a preparedness fanatic though. Gotta love van living. Gotta love that I can fix and ride any bicycle with anything that's sitting around. I think if said shit hits said fan, land ownership might be moot. If you have it, there's probably nobody to enforce that it's yours - except you yourself. I'm not one who would boot anybody off my land, and I'm not one who would get in anybody's way. Hence: all the land would once again be all mine. And everybody's. I'm not holding my breath for any big changes though. I'm just trying to sort out my own sustainable situation as though the wheels are going to keep on rolling the same way I've always been watching them roll. I think that makes some amount of sense, right? Lydia is cool.