Friday, July 18, 2008

wacked out at work

my boss got wasted at work last night and we had to kick him out to keep him from embarrassing the whole place. the whole staff really pulled together as a team and got him out of there, then ran the restaurant seamlessly the rest of the night. i was really proud of us. funny how this happens following months of his tyranny forbidding anyone from having a drink at work, even after we're done. he swings like a pendulum from one extreme to the other fast and furious. today he is so sheepish. he called me to say "sorry" and to let me know that he's handing over the beverage consulting to me because he can't risk even putting wine in his mouth anymore. he's scared sober again. i'm happy because he needed a dose of humility, and now i got a promotion of sorts out of it.
two more shifts and then i'm off for a week so i can head up to washington to get my friends sarah and luis hitched. i loosened the pursestrings this week a bit and bought a few dresses to look cute in, and a real awesome push-up bra from victoria's secret. it's amazing what those things can do. this week will be exciting, fun, social and may prevent me from blogging, though i'll try to get a few in.
in other news: the funnest part of vandwelling in july is taking showers in the sunshine with the hose. my solar shower broke and i took it back to rei for a refund and decided to see if i could get by without it for a while. turns out i can, though i'll surely buy another one before the summer's up.

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Will you actually marry them yourself?