Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the time is nigh

yesterday i made another major payment towards my debt and then added up all that was left. i was surprised at the figure since i hadn't done the numbers in a while and didn't know what to expect. i only have 4000 left and at this rate, if all keeps going as it's going, i'll be debt free in september and saving for my next adventure until the winter threatens. right on schedule! i've also been sending twice the amount to the account that my student loans deduct from every month (the only debt i'm not able to eliminate at this point) so i'm already paid up till november. when i'm ready to leave i may have 6 months or more of no payments to make. it'll almost be like retirement. boom.


Jack said...


Alas, have probably another year left for me to be in the same boat. Could actually pay credit cards off right now, but it would eat a ton of my savings.

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