Saturday, July 5, 2008

sometimes i like america

yesterday i found the perfect combo--at the peak of summer, the all american day that is the fourth of july, i rode my scooter real slow down residential streets and watched the people with their barbeques and canned beers while i sipped a giant slurpee (cherry and coke mixed). for those moments, i had no desire for anything else, i was in a state of perfect zen consciousness. i've always loved summer and the inherent freedom from clothing, school, and being inside buildings. this is especially poignant during my vandwelling experiment. live has really never been easier in a simple sense. in the past 24 hours a real peace has come over me and i'm no longer worried about what happens outside this moment. i just continue to do the best i can, minute by minute.


Anonymous said...

You keep a motorized scooter in your van??

stranger in a strange van said...

well, not IN the van, but at my parking spot, yes. and when i leave i plan to take it with me on a trailer hitch thingy.