Friday, July 11, 2008

he crossed me

today i feel radically honest, and while i know that being honest is only as good as knowing when to shut up, i decided to use my momentum to edify someone who needed a talking to. see, there was this guy i met last week who seemed really into me and even pushed my boundaries with his forthright manner and i thought i liked him for that. but it turns out he didn't know what he was doing and decided it was too dangerous to like me so he dipped. this sort of waffling irritates me and i just couldn't let it go, so i wrote him a letter. in it i got to tell him just what i thought of how he treated me without him being able to question my logic or defend his choices. i wasn't mean or petty or overly negative, i just indicated his lack of manners and my subsequent discomfort. the therapeutic effects of this are immediate and i feel like a million bucks. the white pages gave me his address and i will mail it before i go to work. this affair affirms that i love letters. even when they're not love letters.

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Jack said...

I'm coming to feel the same thing about my own blog. On the other hand, you are strong as hell for sending that letter directly. I'm a coward because I hide behind some semblance of anonymity.