Sunday, January 11, 2009

i'm famous

just by working at the 'natch', i've become a fixture in the community. at least it feels that way today. i went to a co-worker's birthday party and brushed up my swing dancing while falling in love with a woman, whoops i forget, but i can't forget her california legs and that long blond hair. i'm making it a personal goal to get in as good of shape as she is by the time i'm her age. i have a good ten years, but it's a long way to go. she was seriously hot, drawing all kinds of attention without trying, and has now become my role model.
the town was abuzz because the electronic music festival was going on and all day i saw kids in the store with their super cute clothes, dyed hair and smiles. after work i saw many of the same kids on the street, and they all loved to say hi to me, the girl who works at abundant life. i was given a ticket to the show, and all through the night people were coming up to me, recognizing me from work, and introducing themselves as if i had some intrinsic value because i'm the produce queen. i even saw some of the vendors i've been working with. it was cool to be noticed. it feels like my social circle is forming, and i'm much more relaxed about the whole thing. no longer feeling weird and alien. i'm just another spider weaving her web.


Anonymous said...

What you are feeling is the Aloha, some thing few people recognize. Awesome!

alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present
oha, joyous affection, joy
ha, life energy, life, breath

Today, I am shoveling five inches of snow. In a bit over a week it will be four inches of volcanic soil. :^)

Save some rambutans for me.

Heather said...

I envy you and your nomadic ways in a very good way. I'm so happy that you seem to be adjusting so well to your new environment.

Anonymous said...

What a brutal ruthless polyanna bitch
this girl sounds like someone who was molested by daddy
truely Scumbag Cunt is not low enough for this piece of dog shit
Attacking innocent children to make herself feel better
what a pathetic semi human being

Kill yourself now and save the world the hassle

Fever Kate said...

Woah, what's up with the psycho anonymous blog viewers? Amazing that some people have no better way to experience their inherent power as a human than by trying to take it away from others...anyway, Lydia I love your blog twice as much now that you have fantastic adventures from a land I can only dream of. I very much hope to visit you before you leave! Ukes of Hazard, here we come!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm, I wanna know if you ever got it on with the California girl you thought was so hot. yum yum .