Wednesday, December 24, 2008

my landing pad

hooray, i got a job! i am now the produce girl at the local natural foods market--abundant life. there are pros--healthy work environment, no dress code/no uniforms, employee discount, potential to meet cool people, mom and pop owned business, handling beautiful fruits and vegetables all day, full-time steady work with health care benefits. there are cons--not much money=don't think i can exist on it for long unless i get some big raises, they keep you real busy and expect alot, no free coffee, no free food, no cute boys (yet).
i don't know how it will work out in the long run, but at least i am working and generating some income. if my past is any indicator, this may just be the first in a series of jobs that leads to the good one. as much as i like the pros this job has, none of them hold water against a job that pays double.
i'm totally spent from a long day learning the ropes as the veggie vixen.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you will meet a lot of people working there. Most of the hippies, yippies, and vagrants use that as a meeting place. I met many good friends sitting out side that store during those 13 inch rains. I cant wait to be back on the islands!

Anonymous said...

Here is a photo from the inside or AL if your readers are interested:

chris said...

No free coffee? Jesus Christ.

Jack said...

Veggie Vixen!

Souds 'fing hot!


Puke said...

p.s. - I'm engaged.

Reamus said...

A Veggie Vixen!

How great is that, just keep going, it will all be better soon...hell, you've only been there what, two weeks?

Congrats on finding something to start the rest of the journey!

zenny1313 said...

that's great news!!!

Heather said...

Hale to the Veggie Vixen!

stranger in a strange van said...

nomad, are you coming back to the island? thanks for the pics-they're great!
chris-no shit, sucks.
jack, you better believe it.
puke--i already knew that. but congratulations, she said yes!! am i invited to the wedding?
reamus, zenny, heather--thanks for cheering me on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Freedomvan,

I hope to be back in mid-January. Looks like the 20th or the 27th. (You always get cheaper flights there on Tuesdays!) I am working on the 20th because it is so stupid to live in cold places. :) Thinking of taking a train to San Francisco and flying out from there to Honolulu, staying a few days in Honolulu, and then to the Big Island for a bit. I want to live on Kauai so don't know how long I will stay on the BI. I will let you know, or you will see my plans on my blog.