Thursday, December 4, 2008

land of lava

i made the right decision. every morning i wake up and wander out in the humane chill for a stroll in paradise. the jungle reminds me of western washington where food grows on trees and bushes, but instead of blackberries and apples, it's mangoes and thimbleberries. i like being supported by the plant life, my life is being encouraged. this trip has handed me an important piece of understanding--no matter where i am, life amazes me. i'm a perpetual child, and now that i've learned how to get around this world, i just love exploring more and more. i'm not settling down. i am active. and getting eaten by mosquitoes.
my generous hosts (eric and michelle) took me on a walk today through hawaii paradise park to the shore which is mostly smooth (pohoehoe) lava. the smell of the ocean, the mist on my face, the awesome power and constant motion of the waves thoroughly filled me. i can't really fathom that this is my new home, here, where people swim with dolphins and crap like that. i've never lived near the ocean before and i feel like i'm on vacation.


Heather said...

I am green with envy.

chrisharne said...

You're there. Success! What a change of scenery. You're the official queen of thinking of shit then following through. There is so much to be said for that. ie: good work, Lydia :)

Oh. Give me a call some random time if you want. I'm strong and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I long to return to the Puna Coast. Ask your guests to take you down to Kehena Beach. It is a wonderful semi-nude, black sand beach under a cliff.

If you want to visit a wonderful retreat center drop me a line and I will introduce you to my friends who own "Your Hawaiian Retreat". Search for it in Google, it will be the first hit. It is about 6 miles from Pahoa. I made their website and took all the photos.