Wednesday, November 12, 2008

more ny

i might love new york, ok? maybe it's just that my bf lives here, but it's been an eye-opening experience, and i realize i could live here. here in one of the largest cities there is, and i don't like cities. what's the deal with that? oh well, i'm open to surprising myself.
last night we got invited to an opening party for mike burbiglia, a comedien with a show off-broadway and complete with celebrities and free beer it delivered an authentic ny experience. tonight we are going to see "equus" on broadway, it's a show with live horses and daniel radcliffe, the star of the "harry potter" movies. i can't really afford it, but i also can't afford to pass it up since lord knows when i'll be in new york again. all this and i finally feel comfortable riding the subway, like i won't get lost just by going down the stairs.
i went to a yoga class today, and wouldn't you know it, i feel so much better about the trajectory of my life. funny that.


Too Many Words said...

That all sounds really awesome, and I totally agree that New York is great - but you might be wrong about being able to miss Harry Potter horsing around.

Shannon said...

tee hee :)

Fever Kate said...

First of all, you look HOT in that unicorn costume. Secondly, I am mad jealous that I can't be with you and your BF in the city of dreams. Third of all, I will be in PDX from Nov.26th-30th, and then I will be back on Dec. 11th for a month. Any chance we will be graced with your fairytale presence?